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Word processing: FinalWriter update status
Just about a year ago, we last reported on the update for Finalwriter first announced by new rights owner Timothy "Terminills" Deters in 2015. Yesterday, the developer briefly outlined the current status on Amigans and MorphZone respectively:

According to them that there would now have been a "feature freeze" and it would now only be about bug fixes. Furthermore he explains that the AmigaOS4 port depends on whether he has the money to pay a developer for the port after the release of the AROS and MorphOS versions. In total there were 5 developers working on the current version until Deters owned it. The changes so far:
  • RTF updated
  • Libharu implemented(PDF Saving/Printing Support)
  • MySpell(Updated Spell Checker). Spell checker can now work real time
  • Libcurl support for direct printing
  • 64Bit fixes
  • Modernizing layout
  • P96 support

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