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Aminet uploads until 12.02.2022
The following files have been added until 12.02.2022 to Aminet:
SonosController_MOS.lha  comm/misc  2.3M  MOS Control Sonos speakers with y...
SonosController_OS3.lha  comm/misc  2.0M  68k Control Sonos speakers with y...
SonosController_OS3fp... comm/misc  2.0M  68k Control Sonos speakers with y...
SonosController_OS4.lha  comm/misc  2.8M  OS4 Control Sonos speakers with y...
SonosController_WOS.lha  comm/misc  2.4M  WOS Control Sonos speakers with y...
rasm.lha                 dev/cross  1.3M  MOS Roudoudou's Z80 Assembler
REDPILLGameCreator.lha   dev/misc   2.2M  68k Game Creator with AGA support
mon165src.lha            dev/moni   150K  68k Source for Amiga Monitor
adfZ.lha                 disk/misc  7K    68k read/write ADF from/to disks,...
HydraDriver145src.lha    driver/net 29K   68k Hydra Amiganet driver + source
scummvm-1.7.0-rtg.lha    game/misc  5.0M  68k Amiga RTG port of ScummVM 1.7.0
AmiDuke_AGA.lha          game/shoot 332K  68k Amiga port of Duke Nukem 3D
webptools122_a68k.lha    gfx/conv   2.4M  68k encode/decode images in WebP ...
FlashMandelNG_OS4.lha    gfx/fract  22M   OS4 Mandelbrot & Julia fractals AOS4
Vim_8.2-i386-aros.lha    text/edit  12M   x86 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.2-ppc-amigaos.lha  text/edit  14M   OS4 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.2-ppc-morphos.lha  text/edit  13M   MOS The ubiquitous text editor
base64.i386-aros.lha     util/conv  249K  x86 Encode/decode file as base64
AmiSSL-4.12.lha          util/libs  5.7M  OS4 OpenSSL as an Amiga shared li...          util/misc  542K  68k Versatile Amiga Test Program
InstallerLG.i386-aros... util/sys   121K  x86 Commodore Installer replacement
InstallerLG.ppc-morph... util/sys   155K  MOS Commodore Installer replacement

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