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Apple patents 'Computer in an Input Device'
Apple had already applied for a patent for a "computer in an input device" in mid-2020, which was now published a few days ago. The basic idea is reminiscent of the concepts of e.g. the Atari ST, C64 and Amiga.

The patent application describes the computer in bullet-point summary as follows:
  • computing device includes an input component positioned at the external surface
  • a processing unit and a memory can be disposed within the internal volume
  • computing device has a singular input/output port which can be configured to receive both data and power. The singular input/ output port can be configured to output data from the processing unit.
  • the singular input/output port can include a USB-C port, a Thunderbolt 3 port, or a Lightning port
  • the computing device can include a track pad coupled to the enclosure
  • the computing device can be foldable about an axis
As justification, the company states that unlike in the past, where large and/or bulky computer components traditionally required correspondingly large housings, the demand for portable computing devices has driven the miniaturization of once bulky components. Consequently, further adaptation of case designs, shapes and configurations is desirable. (dr)

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