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Text editor: Amiga Source Editor 1.95
At the end of 2020, author Alain Fontanin resumed the development that had originally started in 1989 by releasing version 1.2 (2019) of his text editor "Amiga Source Editor" (ASE). The author continues to work on his editor and has now released version 1.95 with the following changes:
  • New search window with options (case and full word)
  • Added menu item 'Goto column'
  • Possibility to move the current line to the top or bottom of the document
  • Moved 'Read only' menu item from 'Document options' to 'Edit mode'
  • Improved word count function (document and selection)
  • Improved the use of the scroll wheel
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the Workbench from closing if ASE2019 was iconified
  • Use of the ASE2019 icon for iconification
  • Integration (first version) of snippets

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