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RastPort: Mechanical keyboard replacement for Amiga 1200
Grzegorz Kraszewski's RastPort designs and manufactures accesories and expansions for Amiga computers. His current project KA 59 is a mechanical keyboard replacement for the Amiga 1200. It is a complete replacement, no parts of the original keyboard are needed. KA59 has been tested with original A1200 cases and those from the project. Details:
  • Complete replacement of original keyboard.
  • Kailh KH switches rated for 50 million cycles.
  • User adjustable CapsLock LED color.
  • Optional "Alt"↔"Cmd" key position swap for users accustomed to PC keyboards.
  • Weights less than original and takes less space.
  • Robust connection with the mainboard.
Furthermore, there are options to customize the keyboard to your own needs:
  • Keycap color set: There are two color sets available:
    • classic gray and white, black overprints
    • all keys black, white overprints

  • Switches: One of three different kinds of switches may be selected. Colors indicate mechanical characteristics of switches.
    • Blue switches are tactile, force versus movement characteristic is not linear. As a result, user feels the moment of switching. They are also clicky, thanks to additional element hitting the switch enclosure when pressed and making sound.
    • Brown switches are tactile (nonlinear) too, but have no clicking element, so are more silent.
    • Red switches are linear, moment of switching action has no tactile feedback. Noise level is a bit below brown ones.

  • Language layout: Customer can select one of 11 language layouts.
    • American
    • British
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Swiss
    • Danish
    • Swedish/Finnish
    • Norwegian
    • Icelandic
The keyboards are currently in production and will be available at various retailers. We will report. (dr)

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