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AmigaGuide magazine: Issue 4 of 'WhatIFF?' published
WhatIFF? is an Amiga magazine in AmigaGuide format. Unlike other magazines or journals, WhatIFF? does not deal with games, but is mainly intended for users who want to be creative with their Amigas.

As Timo Paul, the creator of the magazine, told us, his original motivation for the magazine was to create something similar to Amiga World, Amazing Amiga and Amiga Report: "There is a lot of software that people want to use but the guides are not there and WhatIFF? offers a helping hand to those who want to use creative software such as Lightwave and Brilliance. As the magazine grows with writers I hope to offer more guides on other software. In addition each issue offers tutorials on how to fix your Amiga, update, or use in unique ways."

Topics of issue 4:
  • Reviews: AmiGemini, AmiKit Pi, USB mouse adapters, firmware update of TerribleFire 1260 accelerator board
  • Guides: Second part of Lightwave 3.5 tutorial, tutorial for Brilliance, tutorial for OctaMED, fixing an Invidision AGAMk2cr, creating a Gemini Capsule
  • Interview: Chris Edwards (PiMiga)

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