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Artur Jarosik (Patreon)

Real-time strategy: Vanilla Conquer V0.99a (update)
Artur Jarosik is known for various game ports like the platformer Hydra Castle Labyrinth or the action adventure Heart of Darkness besides his SDL implementation of the browser NetSurf. As a contribution for the AmiGameJam he started to port the first part of the realtime strategy series Command & Conquer to the Amiga and named it "Vanilla Conquer" ( reported).

Today he has released version 0.99 which now includes all videos. You have to re-download the game. Changes:
  • Fixed NOD missions
  • Fixed movies playback by converting them to mpeg1 (not on v4 atm)
The game is primarily intended for Amigas upgraded with an Apollo processor, especially the V4 series. However, as the author explained to us, it could also be playable on a 68060 processor with a graphics card with the music and sound effects turned off.
If you want to support the author, you can do so on his Patreon page.

Update: (26.04.2022, 19:03, dr)

Meanwhile version 0.99a is available. Changes:
  • Avoid black screen on v4 in the menu
  • Fixed movies playback on v4 (Unit 0 in AHI needs 2 channels)

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