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Cathal (ANF)

Kickstart patch for using NTSC Agnus chips on PAL systems
At the title link, 'Cathal' has published his project, with the help of which the NTSC version of the 2 MB Agnus custom chip can also be used for PAL systems. However, patching the Kickstart ROM file requires Windows. He writes about it:

"In view of the scarcity of PAL 2 MB Agnus chips and their ever-increasing prices, I have written a small program that can patch a Kickstart ROM so that you can also use an NTSC 2 MB Agnus chip and it will automatically switch to PAL when the computer is switched on.

The patching itself is done under Windows and the patcher needs a current .Net runtime, which should be installed automatically by a current Windows if not available.

The programme is published with source code on my GitHub page. In the future, there will also be a GUI and other supported Kickstart versions. Currently, it is used via the Windows commandshell."

The following Kickstart ROM versions are supported for now:
  • Kickstart 1.2, Rev. 33.192, checksum: $56F2E2A6
  • Kickstart 1.3, Rev. 34.5, checksum: $15267DB3
  • Kickstart 3.1, Rev. 40.63, checksum: $9FDEEEF6
  • Kickstart 3.1.4, Rev. 46.143, checksum: $BE662BCF
  • Kickstart 3.2.0, Rev. 47.69, checksum: $35D98F3
  • Kickstart 3.2.1, Rev. 47.102, checksum: $4CB8FDD9

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