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Gunnar (ANF)

Apollo Team: Deluxe remake of Menace in development
Already in August last year Kevin Saunders, graphic designer, artist and game designer (Boss Machine and RESHOOT PROXIMA 3), announced the HD conversion of the Menace game for Vampire Amigas with an animated end boss on his homepage ( reported). As Gunnar von Boehn reports, the Apollo team has now started working on the Amiga shooter and published a first demo video. The features of the remake:
  • true smooth 50 FPS scrolling
  • High resolution
  • truecolor with alpha blending
  • dual player cooperate fun
  • stereo 16bit music in combination with 16bit game soundFx in CD-quality
The final game is supposed to contain all six original levels and fully animated end bosses. The game requires over 200 MB of FastRAM as well as a 68080 CPU and Super-AGA chipset. The game will be released as a commercial title with box. The source files including all data files of the first level will be published as part of the programming series "Amiga Homeschooling" to demonstrate to interested people how to program games for Amiga and Saga. programmieren kann.

Download of the preview demo: MENACE4.exe (103 MB) (dr)

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