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Porting Amiga applications to Linux: AxRuntime 41.3
Krzysztof 'deadwood' Śmiechowicz's "AxRuntime" is a runtime environment for Linux which emulates the AmigaOS-API and therefore enables porting Amiga applications on Linux and developing applications which can be compiled for AmigaOS/MorphOS/AROS as well as Linux ( berichtete). Examples videos show the AROS desktop Wanderer (MP4) and gmPlayer (MP4) under Linux.

One user reported that he got AxRuntime to work also under Windows 10/11, whereupon the developer made some more adjustments and finally released version 41.3. The use under Windows succeeds with the use of the 'Windows Subsystem für Linux' (WSL). This feature enables the execution of Linux GUI applications:
  • Launch Linux apps from the Windows Start menu
  • Pin Linux apps to the Windows task bar
  • Use alt-tab to switch between Linux and Windows apps
  • Cut + Paste across Windows and Linux apps
Since AxRuntime binaries are Linux binaries, they can also use this feature to give impression of running nativelly under Windows. (dr)

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