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THEA500 Mini: Firmware 1.1.1 released (update)
Retro Games Ltd. has released new firmware 1.1.0 for 'THEA500 Mini', its replica of an Amiga 500, which among other things now supports adf files. The changes:
  • Adds ADF (floppy) file support
  • Adds Playlist support
  • Adds Hot-Crop
  • Adds Keyboard control of the user interface
  • Allows the Virtual Keyboard to be accessed at all times
  • Allows controllers to be physically swapped during play
  • Swaps THEJoystick (THEC64 Joystick) fire buttons
  • Fixes the Virtual Keyboard Cursor-Right button

Update: (14.05.2022, 06:20, dr)

Meanwhile firmware 1.1.1 is available which fixes some bugs introduced with the previous version:
  • Configures Competition Pro SL-6603-TWT joystick fire buttons
  • Fixes v1.1.0 Saved Game issues (missing saves and UI freezing)
  • Fixes v1.1.0 Emulator gui access
  • Fixes v1.1.0 speed reduction in some circumstances

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