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Custom chips: Replacement project of Buffee developers
As Renee Cousins, one of the developers of the turbo card project 'Buffee' ( reported), explained a few days ago, she has turned back to her original Amiga project dedicated to hard-to-find custom chips and their replacements. The first one is Gary and will be called 'Gary Zander'.

At the moment this board is 100% reliably tested on an Amiga 500 and only needs a bit more time during reboot. The lack of tri-state and open-drain pins on the Xilinx chip would be the reason not to release it now. The board would be produced and tested with these supplemented pins soon.

Following this, the replacement for the Agnus will be tackled, called 'Willoe'. Currently, 3D models of the board are being printed to ensure they fit into the PLCC socket. The rough functional scope of Willoe:
  • 100 pin TQFP Lattice MachXO2 core (XO2-2000)
  • Near instant-on (CPLD-like) functionality
  • 16MB of 133MHz, 8-bit pSRAM for AGA+ bandwidth
  • 1MB, 2MB Agnus and 2MB Alice compatibility
  • Jumpered NTSC/PAL default modes (will also obey pin and software changes)
  • Automatic 8372 and 8375 pin detection (universal socket compatibility)
  • Many optional features to come

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