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trackerhero (Mail)

Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.10
RedPill, developed by Carlos Peris, is a game construction kit written in Amiblitz 3.9, which allows the development of games from various genres (see short tests of two Redpill games). RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, the "player" for playing the finished creations requires a total of 1.5 MB RAM.

The new version 0.9.10 offers besides numerous improvements and fixes now support for AGA fetch modes, which allow the Amiga chips to work in bigger chunks, making graphics operations faster:
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Fetch mode can be set in the Screen menu for AGA games: Normal, Double and Quadruple fetch modes are supported.
  • Increased Fetch modes can improve game speed, specially in machines without fastram.
  • With higher fetch modes, funny effects could happen when using sprites or changing the screen width of the screen.
  • Resize of the map dimensions now can automatic replace the tiles to the new dimensions.
  • Multiple WHDload slaves added:
    • Workbench31_1.Slave 1 MB Chip 1 MB Fast
    • Workbench31_4.Slave 2 MB Chip 4 MB Fast
    • Workbench31_32.Slave 2 MB Chip 32 MB Fast
  • Object drawing has been reimplemented for safer (but also slower) rendering.
  • Embedded Help for trigger conditions is now more complete.
  • If the Sprite layer was attached to an Object Set Sprite Pos detaches it.
  • Set Sprite Pos will ignore parameters with coordinates less than -1000. This way you can set up just x or y coodinate.
  • Action Set NTSC moved to General category.
  • In Level Objects screen you can select snap to tile to move objects only in tile exact coordinates.
  • In Level screen you can import and export maps in CVS format.
  • General optimization.
  • When an object is attached to mouse movement now it takes into account the scrolling area.
  • Fix in camara not reaching end of the level with reduced screen widths.
  • Fix in brush width and height when using the tile shortcuts.

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