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PDF viewer: RNOPDF 1.5 for AmigaOS 3/4 and MorphOS
The developer 'jPV^RNO' has updated the pdf viewer 'RNOPDF' to version 1.5 which belongs to some other RNO applications like e.g. the FTP(S) client RNOXFER or the DTP application RNOPublisher. Changes:
  • Added the JPEG support for exporting
  • Exporting can be aborted with the Esc key
  • More options when exporting via ARexx
  • Added "Search next" and "Search back" options
  • More complete localization support
  • Added an Italian catalog (thanks Luca!)
  • Older versions of reqtools.library work too (v38)
  • Added window resizing options in the Control menu
RNOPDF is available for AmigaOS 3/4 (for OS3 currently being uploaded to the Aminet) and MorphOS as well as for Windows and Mac.

The suthor appreciate any kind of feedback and support. (dr)

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