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Farming simulation: Update of Farmiga
The Polish developer 'Tukinem' is writing a farming simulation in AMOS, called 'Farmiga' ( reported). Yesterday another update veröffentlicht. Änderungen:
  • Mill for the production of wheat flour added
  • Bake oven bread from flour
  • Added milk-drinking cat, thanks to which mice do not steal flour from the warehouse
  • Added sheep and cat sound
  • New background music for the mini-game with the fox and the main farm screen :-)
  • Enlarged farm x2 !!! Scrolling through the image when reaching the edge of the page
  • Improved upper rainbow that no longer disappears from the screen
  • When shopping / selling on the store map screen, the top screen with available cash is not hidden, so that the account and stock status can be seen at any time
Adding scrolling leads to increased hardware requirements: 1,5MB ChipRAM bzw. 1MB Chip + 0,5MB FastRAM. (dr)

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