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Preview video: Kung Fu action 'Devil's Temple'
Devil's Temple features 10 stages of intense arcade kung fu action based on the classic Irem games Kung Fu Master and Vigilante. Over 300 frames of animation were packed into the game and every cycle of performance was used on the Amiga A500. The game will adapt to upgrades, so additional chip ram will result in better music, AGA will provide additional colors and a greater variety of enemies in the game.

Yesterday, a new preview video was released for the game that is currently in development. As the developer writes, he had assumed to release Devil's Temple in May or June, but he just didn't have the necessary time to finish the game. The current progress is shown in the latest video:
  • The game now has a hiscore system
  • The game now has an attract mode
  • The game has a menu system included allowing the player to modify game settings
  • The background video music is now all included
Only three elements of the game are still missing: the final boss, the coding of the final sequence and the optimization of the code.

The game is already available for pre-order as a boxed edition. Likewise, a demo version of the first stage is available on (dr)

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