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Let's Make an Amiga Game Tutorial 10 / Game Jam
'Prince', founder of the group 'Phaze101', streams the assembler coding course "Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi" in English on Twitch and uploads the respective episodes time-delayed to YouTube ( reports regularly).

In another tutorial Amiga Assembly For Beginners - Lets Make a Game, Prince now explains with concrete examples how to write a game with assembler. Here the tenth part was published.

In addition, he has launched the Retro Trex Game Jam. The goal of this contest is to create an identical or original version of the well-known browser game Google Google T-Rex for a retro computer. Thanks to its simplicity, the game can be programmed by beginners on any 8/16-bit retro computer. This game jam is for fun and learning purposes only. The prize is to complete this challenge. The rules:
  • any programming language is allowed
  • solo developers or teams are allowed
  • adapted versions are allowed, nice graphics, etc.
  • no consoles / DOS / Windows / Linux / Mac or other x86 machines
At the end of the competition, there will be a live stream showing all the matches. The competition will run until September 10, 2022. (dr)

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