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jPV^RNO (Mail)

RNO applications: RNOPDF 1.6 and RNOArchive 1.1
Developer 'jPV^RNO' has updated two of his RNO applications:

PDF viewer RNOPDF (MorphOS, OS3 (68k + WOS), OS4, Win, Mac) has been updated to version 1.6, providing the following changes:
  • Fixed the search requester behaviour
  • Fixed a window positioning issue on OS3 versions
  • Better OpenURL implementation
  • Added a French catalog
  • Added a German catalog
  • Made the source code a bit more readable
RNOArchive is a graphical archive manager which can can extract, modify, and create archives based on the XAD system. RNOArchive also can create ZIP files. Version 1.1 (MorphOS, AROS, OS3 (68k), OS4) provides the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue with directory extraction, which could lead to extraction of unselected files
  • The progress bar is updated when unarchiving single dirs or full archives
  • Added a work-around for adding whole directories without selecting anything
  • Fixed an ARexx port issue
  • Other minor fixes

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