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8-/16-bit emulator for Mac OS and Linux: Clock Signal V2022-07-23 (update)
Thomas Harte's Clock Signal is an emulator for various 8- and 16-bit platforms aiming to be invisible to the user. The idea is to simply start the source medium without configuring the emulator oneself. Clock Signal is available for Mac OS and Unix-compatible systems. While there is also an Amiga emulation included, it "remains wilfully inaccurate" for now.

Two weeks ago, the latest version V2022-07-08 was released. Since our last news item the following changes have been added:
  • a regression in the previous release resolved, which caused the Acorn Electron and Vic-20 not to boot correctly
  • improved the 68000: the results of ABCD, SBCD and NBCD are now more accurate; timing corrections have been made to CMPA.l, CLR.b, CLR.w, DIVU/S, NEGX.b, NEGX.w, NEG.b, NEG.w, NOT.w, NOT.b, MOVE to SR/CCR, MULU/S, TRAP, TRAPV, CHK and TAS;
  • improved the 65816: to correct an error in (d), y addressing calculation; to correct a flag error in 16-bit BIT; and to improve timing to a variety of other instructions.
  • resolved a bug that prevented the Apple IIe and Enhanced IIe from detecting an attached disk drive
  • fixed an issue that caused the Amstrad CPCs to start with an unpredictable amount of RAM
  • more accurately observes the Amiga left and right screen margins

Update: (24.07.2022, 04:20, dr)

A few moments ago, version V2022-07-23 was released with the following changes:
  • corrects an error in Amiga HAM output that transposed red and blue channel modifications
  • improves Amiga sprite display: for programs that use both DMA and direct sprite accesses, and with regard to playfield interactions
  • rejigs the macOS binding to try to reduce CPU load and avoid a potential audio-ending race condition. Though it is now worse at scheduling across multiple CPU cores so there might be further swings of the pendulum yet to come.

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