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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 23.07.2022
The following files have been added until 23.07.2022 to MorphOS-Storage:
RNOArchive_1.1.lha        Files/Archive             Graphical archive manager
He-Man_OpenBOR_2.1.0.lha  Games/Action              He-Man for OpenBor
Hode_0.2.9f.lha           Games/Adventure           Hode is a re-implementa...
Nostromo.lha              Games/Misc                Nine in one! The Aliens...
GemRB_0.8.8.lha           Games/Role                Portable Bioware's Infi...
StarTrekVoyager-EliteF... Games/Shoot3D             StarTrekVoyager-EliteFo...
Woof!_10.1.0.lha          Games/Shoot3D             Woof! is a continuation...
StarsMap.lha              Misc                      A simple word-guessing ...
SimonSays_3.7.lha         Multimedia                A multi tool applicatio...
IvoRSS_1.0.lha            Network/RSS               Simple RSS (and Atom as...
RNOPDF_1.6.lha            Office/Show               A compact PDF viewer.

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