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Introduced: The Workbench homepage
What happens when you are born in 1989 and your uncle gave you an Amiga 500 as your first computer? Logically: you can't get rid of that inside and so you try to express your attachment to your beloved Amiga. Thorn has done that in this case by creating his private Workbench homepage.

The basic idea for this kind of homepage design came to him when he thought about what he as a developer would like to present on his website and how. To simply introduce himself textually, as usual, or to build something from which one can immediately see where the private interest (among others) lies. He decided to go for the second option: a website as an interface with minimal content, but small gimmicks.

Why he named this site 'Lammpee', he doesn't know anymore himself. The project itself is open source, the source code is available on GitHub, and is built on the Nuxt framework.

The links to Nuxt modules contained on the homepage in the folder 'Nuxt Stuff' are mostly privately created and further developed projects, which are also open source. Short info about the modules:
  • nuxt-custom-elements is used if you want to offer components of your homepage as widgets
  • nuxt-speedkit is a comparison module to determine the loading speed of a website
  • gp-vue-boilerplate is a construction kit to create a homepage
The entire web workbench is basically a Vue component made up of many small ones. Nuxt helps here, because it can be used to generate HTML, which is used when there is no Javascript.

But the homepage has even more to offer: for example a Basic web editor that can parse Basic code in real time. It is strongly oriented to the examples on the Extras disk. Other things the reader may explore on his own.

By the way, Thorn's favorite game is Moon City, for which you can also find a branch in the project. As he says, he first has to "put it together" again. (dr)

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