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Text editor: Amiga Source Editor 1.97
At the end of 2020, author Alain Fontanin resumed the development that had originally started in 1989 by releasing Version 1.2 (2019) of his text editor "Amiga Source Editor" (ASE). The author continues to work on his editor and has now released version 1.97 with the following changes:
  • Fixed many bugs and 'Hit Enforcer': I'm confused to have done wrong the tests of ASE2019 1.95 (shame on me)
  • Simplified window management
  • Improvement of the windows reorganization function (horizontal/vertical mosaic and borders)
  • Possibility to configure (or not) a horizontal scrollbar
  • Possibility to choose the icon of the documents
  • Possibility to use the device name (e.g. DH0) or the volume name in the access path of the documents
  • Integration of a first version of the session management.

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