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Programming language: Amiga C/C++ Visual Studio Code Extension 1.4.9 (update)
Bartman', member of the demo group 'Abyss', provides with 'amiga-debug' a 'Visual Studio Code' extension for "compiling, debugging and profiling Amiga C/C++ programs compiled by the bundled gcc 11.2 with the bundled WinUAE" (YouTube video). Yesterday version 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 have been released providing the following changes:
  • NEW: memory viewer: track CPU data
  • NEW: screen: show time, enable/disable display window, more pixel sources, DMACON, BPLCON
  • NEW: show CPU registers in assembly view
Update: (01.08.2022, 17:03, dr)

Today, also versions 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 have been released:
  • FIX: fix 2 seconds delay when starting WinUAE
  • NEW: new debug functions debug_load, debug_save in gcc8_c_support.h
  • NEW: fixed template project's TakeSystem/FreeSystem to be compatible with AROS
  • NEW: Use AROS if no Kickstart ROM is configured
  • CHG: update AROS ROM in WinUAE

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