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Sprite/Icon/Map editor: Raster Master V1.2 R58 for Windows 10/11
Raster Master is a sprite/icon/map editor for Windows 10/11 which generates RayLib-, PutImagedata and Map code for gcc, AmigaBASIC, Amiga C, Amiga Pascal, QuickBasic, QB64, Quick C, Turbo Pascal, freepascal, Turbo C, Turbo Basic, Power Basic, FreeBASIC, GWBASIC, BASICA, and PC-BASIC (YouTube video).

Since our last message, the generation of BASIC code has been further improved. A corresponding example code has been published as RPG demo and explained in a new YouTube video. Detailed changes
  • Fixed paint bug - caused the program to freeze if clicking outside of image/grid area
  • grenade constants for Amiga formats c/basic/pascal
  • generates map code loader for basic (dims and loads map code into array)
  • generate constants for modex dos lib lbm/pbm formats (c/pascal)
  • when exporting RES Text Include files RM will add variables and assign width/height (image1.width = 16)
  • Also with PUT image format RM will now build stub that creates an array and reads the image data. so now you can do put(0,0),Image1 and it will display your images without having to write the code.
  • QB64 and Freebasic Raylib support. You can also use the RGB/RGBA data with _PutImage (not regular PUT) if you are using QB64.

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