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MorphOS: TinyGL update V2202-08-05
MorphOS team developer Mark 'Bigfoot' Olsen has offered a Bounty project for improved OpenGL support as well as drivers for more Radeon graphics cards under the title link which has been successfully financed ( reported). Now he has released a first update of TinyGL which provides the following changes:
  • Support for OpenGL "ARB" programs.
  • Support for cube maps (R200 only for now. R300/R400/R500 will have cube map support added in the next update).
  • Work has been done towards making TinyGL OpenGL 2.1 compliant.
  • A much improved SDK, making it easier for developers to create and port OpenGL applications on MorphOS.
  • Many bugs in both TinyGL and the drivers have been fixed.
You can find a more detailed description of the changes in the Readme file of the archive. (dr)

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