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Emulator: vAmigaWeb v2.1 beta5
vAmigaWeb is an Amiga emulator for the web browser or a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on the Amiga emulator for MacOS vAmiga.

In the current version the developer 'mithrendal' has integrated the latest vAmigaCore2.1b5. Likewise, it is now possible to load the old Snapshots game saves with a new vAmigaCore version. This has been solved by the fact that vAmigaWeb can now hold several versions of the vAmigaCore in parallel. Via the settings you can now reactivate vAmigaCore versions already installed in the past and continue playing the saved games. Detailed changes:
  • supports parallel installation of different versions of vAmigaCore; from now on old snapshots can be run by switching back to an older installed version of vAmigaCore
  • updated to latest vAmigaCore version v2.1.beta5
  • supports ECS denise (SuperHires modes)
  • improved memory managment ... support for hdfs with a size of 256Mb (e.g. classic_wb project)
  • introduced df0/dh0 eject buttons
  • fixed a severe bug where vAmigaWeb stopped accepting any adf or hdf file

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