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ACube Systems: Production of Sam460LE boards finished by the end of September
In March, ACube Systems has anounced the begin of the production of the Sam460LE boards in a press release ( reported).

Today the company has announced, that by the end of the September the boards are supposed to be finished. Please read the original press release:

"Dear customers,

We would like to share with you an update about the production of the new Sam460LE. Well, to be short...the boards are expected to be ready by the end of September - yes, THIS September, just in time for AMIGA37 event (HINT: ACube will be present in Mönchengladbach, connect the dots...).

We had to overcome many issues that slowed down the production, but now - finger crossed - we managed to fix them all.

Everything is progressing well and the factory will ship the boards at the end of September. We plan to start shipping to our customers shortly after.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and interest.

See you at Amiga37 in Germany!" (dr)

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