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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.13
RedPill, developed by Carlos Peris, is a game construction kit written in Amiblitz 3.9, which allows the development of games from various genres (see short tests of two Redpill games). RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, the "player" for playing the finished creations requires a total of 1.5 MB RAM. Jens 'Farbfinsternis' Henschel has written a tutorial.

Version 0.9.13 released today provides the following changes:
  • When editing the level the collision map can be displayed on top of the map with the Show Tile Cols checkbox.
  • Games not using hud will consume less Chip memory.
  • When editing text, non ASCII characters will be converted to the closest ASCII character.
  • Reduced screen width is used correctly in triggers and camera.
  • Added Condition trigger On Landed that detects when an objects hits the ground.
  • Audio files path tries to correct itself if the file is not found.
  • Added trigger Play Sound Random to play from a range of sounds.
  • Added action trigger Stop CD32 that stops the CD audio.
  • Loading a level now stops the CD audio if playing.
  • Adjusted lower limit for map width values.
  • Optimization in memory copy operations.
  • Fix in collisions when moving very fast to the left.
  • Fix for copper palette from a file not being exported to the Build.

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