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Amiga E Compiler: E-VO 3.5.1
E-VO Amiga E Compiler is a derivative of the original Amiga E compiler written by Wouter van Oortmerssen. It adds many new features, bug fixes and optimisations including object UNIONs, string merging, non word-aligned objects and many more ( reported).

A few moments ago, version 3.5.1 has been released. Changes:
  • fix issue with short jump calculations being done incorrect in certain circumstances, causing crashes.
  • fix casing of math ieee functions to match original E modules
  • disable OPT POOL and OPT UTILLIB in legacy mode
  • disable THISTASK, __POOL and UTILITYBASE in legacy mode
  • reinstate [] in immediate list to previous E functionality (a blank 0 item list)
  • fix optimisation issue where MOVE.B (A0),D0 and MOVE.W (A0),D0 followed by TST.L would be optimised incorrectly.
  • fix issue with immediate lists, ListMax() could not be used as the max size was not populated.
  • allow 0 length lists to be created eg List(0)
  • add showhunk source

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