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Pre-order: MiST 1.5 with metal case
Przemyslaw 'Lotharek' Krawczyk offers a MiST revision 1.5 including metal case for about 212 Euro plus shipping in a pre-order campaign, which runs until October 10. The MiST revision 1.5 will be produced if there are enough orders. In the revision 1.5 many technical changes were made to simplify the automatic assembly (PCB redesigned, power supply reworked) and the MiST now is equipped with 64MB DRAM.

"MiST" (GitHub page), originally developed by Till Harbaum, is an FPGA motherboard that is supposed to emulate different home computers or arcade machines by means of different "cores". Originally intended as a pure Atari ST clone and therefore - analogous to Minimig - named "MiniST", a Minimig core initially ran on the hardware. Since then the project is called "MiST" (aMIga/ST) ( reported).

Supported Systems:
  • ST/STE (also on SCART 15KHz)
  • Amiga 500/600/1200 (AGA CORE BETA core)
  • C64 (partially - still in development)
  • Atari 8bit (96%)
  • Collecovision
  • ZX81
  • Atari 2600
  • ZX Spectrum with AY, also with DIVMMC and ESXDOS
  • Apple
  • MSX
Hardware to be provided by the customer:
  • USB keyboard
  • micro USB phone charger for power supply
  • SD card (1GB recommended)
  • VGA monitor
  • USB mouse
  • PC speaker

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