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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

MPEG audio: MHI developer archive 1.2
As Thomas Wenzel wrote, MHI was developed by him and Paul Qureshi, with the help of Dirk Conrad, because current systems (mpega.library and the mpeg.device) do not offer the features modern applications such as AmigaAMP require. For the first time the first beta version of AmigaAMP v2.9 fully supported version 1.0 of MHI ( reported). The new version 1.2 contains:
  • Enhancements to the specification to
    • tell the application to support other formats beyond MPEG audio
    • officially support extended sound control (5- or 10-band equalizer)
  • a bug-fixed MAS player driver which now no longer overwrites the contents of some registers, especially A6, for certain functions. This bug was discovered by Szilárd Biró, who ports games to 68k and plays the music via MHI.

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