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TheoTheoderich per Mail

Trading game: Developer update of "Settle the World"
For the Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam, 'TheoTheoderich' is developing his turn-based building and trading game "Settle the World" ( reported). Now he has reprogrammed the menu for his game and documented this with some, short YouTube videos.
  • Part 1: a first look at the new menu (Credits, Help, Game Options)
  • Part 2: how to open a new game in basic mode
  • Part 3: how to load a saved game
  • Part 4: the revised world map, saving a game
  • Part 5: a look at the overview maps (stock of goods in the cities, production and progress of production in the cities, locations and cargoes of all trading units, cities with unassigned colonists)
  • Part 6: how to open a new game in expert mode, the map generation tool
Feedback is appreciated by the author. (dr)

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