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Editor: Lite XL 2.1.0r1 for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS released
George 'walkero' Sokianos has just released version 2.1.0r1 of the editor Lite XL for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS ( reported) and explained:

"Hope you are all ready for one more release of LiteXL editor, for both AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. This release is one of the best I made because there are a lot of new features and fixes.

This release brings the code more up-to-date with the official repository and closer to the v2.1 release, which is still in development. This means that we have the latest code as it is created by the original team, which will make future releases easier to be ported unless a huge change will happen.

Some of the included fixes are the locale problem on MorphOS, which I thought I fixed in the previous release, but I didn't. But now I hope I nailed it, but it remains to be proven. Also, fixed issues with regex selections and with some plugins that used it to recognise parts of the code, like the Markdown and PHP files.

Now, if the user right click on a folder or file at the treeview on the left side of the editor, and selects the "Open in System" option this opens at the Workbench or Ambient screen. If it is a folder a new window opens showing the contents of that folder, but if a file is selected this opens with the default tool. Even binaries can be executed that way.

Since it is the latest available code, all the plugins were updated with the latest versions, something that is necessary because the supported version changed. That means that the old plugins are not working with this one anymore. I also added extra plugins in the add-ons folder, which are tested and working fine.

One of the features I enjoy in this version is the filesystem synchronisation, which means that if a file changes outside the LiteXL, i.e. a file/folder is added/deleted/renamed, this will be reflected in LiteXL as soon as it gets the focus. Even if you change the contents of a file, a requester in LiteXL will inform the user about it. That is really useful, but it is still experimental, although it seems to work quite well.

A lot of people complained about the scrollbar at the side, that it is too small. Now, when the mouse pointer goes close to the edge of the window, the scrollbar gets bigger and it is easier to grab and move it. Hope you people like it.

This ninth release of the editor for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS is one of my beloved and possibly the best to give you. You definitely need to try it out, if you haven't done that yet. And if you love it and find it useful please consider supporting my work here in ko-fi, as my Top Supporters do.

I highly recommend you do a new installation and do not use old configuration files, since a lot changed and this might not work well for you. Also, please read the readme file that comes in the archive for more information." (dr)

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