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Aiostreams V1.7.6: Scripts for Streaming and videos
George 'walkero' Sokianos has created Python scripts and bundled them in aiostreams ("All In One Streams") for viewers of the Amiga and other retro streams on and, so that they can also watch the videos under AmigaOS 4, AmigaOS 3, MorphOS and AROS instead of on the PC.

Yesterday, version 1.7.6 was released. Changes:

  • Added some extra info in the amigaguide file for the youtube script
  • Added pagination to youtube script with the new argument -p/--page
  • Updated the scripts to work with python3
  • Now the -x argument in youtube and twitch script prints out the extra info but doesn't start the video playback
  • Removed the skaitv, lbry and dlive scripts as they are not working and they need a rewrite
Download: aiostreams-v1.7.6.lha (228 KB) (dr)

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