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MorphOS: Eighth beta version of TinyGL
MorphOS team developer Mark 'Bigfoot' Olsen had offered a bounty project for improved OpenGL support as well as drivers for more Radeon graphics cards under the title link, which has been successfully funded ( reported). Now the developer has released the eighth public beta version of his TinyGL update. Changes:

  • Library version is now 53.7.
  • Fixed multiple issues with GL_RGB5_A1 textures.
  • Fixed a problem with ARB fragment programs that caused such programs that used non-consecutive texture image units to fail. For example a program that used texture unit 0 and texture unit 2, but not texture unit 1 would misrender.
  • Fixed a problem with mipmapped cubemaps where such textures would get treated as 2D textures rather than cube map textures. This problem only affected textures which are mipmap complete.
  • Library version is now 53.10.
  • Added support for GL_RGB5_A1 textures.
As the developer wrote, "especially the texture solves a bunch of problems with various different games, both existing games and future game ports. Among the games now working again is Descent Freespace, for example." (dr)

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