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Amiga emulator: Amiberry 5.5.1
Amiberry is an Amiga emulator for ARM-based single-chip systems like the Raspberry Pi, the Odroid XU4 or the Tinkerboard from ASUS, which brings some newly developed features like a "WHDLoad-Booter" or support for controller configuration using RetroArch. For example it is used in the Workbench distribution AmiKit for the Raspberry Pi 4/400.

Three days ago, the developer had released version 5.5 ( reported) and now provides an update for that. Changes:

  • Retropie's SDL2 version doesn't have SDL_isupper
  • added more logging during controller detection
  • implemented checking for filenames without charset conversion
  • skip files starting with a dot when reading a directory
Build System
  • detect revisions in the detected tags

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