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Alfred Faust (ANF)

MorphOS: BarsnPipes 1.2

Alfred Faust wrote: "After several weeks of intensive programming, a new version of BarsnPipes for MorphOS 3.17 has been completed and is available for download at the title link.

Import and export of MIDI files (*.mid) has been integrated into the main programme. The 10 different mouse pointers in the editor have been firmly integrated into the main programme as new 32bit png images. These are now pointers of the same type as the system pointer, ... and much more ...

All available tools (102) and accessories (6) (the plugins of BarsnPipes) for which the source code has been released and whose use with the new version of the main programme makes sense have been integrated. Included in the archive, all available documentation and instructions.

For developers, the "New Rules for Tools" (instructions and all material for programming tools and accessories) have been adapted for MOS 3.17 (and higher). Also an SDK for tools and accessories by Michael Rees, which extends the "New Rules for Tools" and makes them more comfortable.

The "Rules for Skins" (instructions for designing your own surfaces for BarsnPipes), as well as the material for your own translations of the Locale catalogue files are also available for download.

BarsnPipes has thus reached a stage of development that essentially marks an end point. Every possible extension or improvement can be made using the tools or accessories."


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