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Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine V2022.8
The "Scorpion Engine" developed by Erik 'earok' Hogan allows you to develop games. The engine itself is closed source, all demos and example games are open source. The editor runs under Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, levels created by using the editor Tiled eingesetzt. For importing and creating sounds, music and animations the Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5) are used.

A few moments ago he has relesaed version 2022.8. Changes:
  • New game sample: "Elf Spirit Hunters"
  • Sprite sheet importer includes scaling function inspired by the RotSprite algorithm
  • Integration with Tiled's "template" system in order to allow actors to be placed at exact pixel-perfect coordinates (as well as to allow VARs to be set per actor on the map itself)
  • New "asset bundles" system allows you to be very granular about which sound effects and animations are in memory at any one time
  • Removed all limitations on screen width, allowing 320x wide games to be possible
  • New "cartridge" file structure merges the many previously output files into a single file
  • New "debug mode" feature allows for stepping through codeblocks at real time line by line during gameplay
  • New "Maryo", "Sonyc" and "Jetpack" movement types allowing for improved platformer game control
  • Support for the "Endrun" utility for freeing additional memory on the A500 Amiga
  • Anim5 support has been substantially improved, and a new demo has been included for that
  • Map format has been improved so there's no longer a hard limit of 256 foreground tiles or animated tiles, and memory requirements have been dropped from six bytes per tile to five
  • A set of new math functions focusing on trigonometry purposes
  • Sundry bug fixes and performance enhancements
You can support the developer on his Patreon website. (dr)

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