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Mixel (Twitter)

Platform game: "Boxx" remake V0.4
The developer 'Lemming880' is currently working on the fourth part of his "Boxx" series developed with the Scorpion Engine ( reported). At the same time he is also porting the first part of the series, originally written with Backbone, to the Scorpion Engine ( reported). The latest update to version 0.4 includes the following changes:
  • Upgraded to Scorpion Engine v2022.8.
  • Player now moves more like Mario. Down is faster than up.
  • Some coin and actor positions adjusted to new player movement.
  • Boss phase 3: less damage when overlapping player in easy mode.
  • Boss phase 3: boss has more health.
  • Boss arena: added invisible block to prevent player from entering arena too soon.
  • UI top panel: replaced 5 separate coin bars by 1 universal bar for slightly better performance.
  • Falling coins disappear faster for better performance.
  • Added performance mode for A500 to the 'Controls' screen. This disables the falling coins. So there's no slow down when multiple coins are picked at once. Also event collision check is set lower.
  • Added "loading" text in UI top panel when loading next level.
  • UI top panel keeps visible while loading next level.
  • Levels and music load at the same time for faster loading times.
  • Main menu panel moved up for NTSC stretched.
  • Level 1: a turret now only spawns in hard mode and AGA only for better performance.
  • Level 4: fixed wide teleport pipe graphics at the bottom of the water pit.
Minimum requirement is an Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM. (dr)

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