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Marco A. Breddin (Microzeit)

Crowdfunding: Book "STAMIGA: The Flame Wars"
Microzeit from Germany and Editions64K from France are going to publish "STAMIGA: The Flame Wars", a book that is supposed to illuminate the competition for the number 1 home computer between the Amiga and the Atari ST in the mid and late 1980s, with the following key data:
  • English Hardback Edition
  • ca. 400 colour pages
  • High-quality offset print
  • 170 230 mm portrait format
  • Special cover refinement
  • 135 gr/m silk-matt illustration paper
  • Finest print raster (120)
  • Surface sealing (varnished pages)
  • Made in Germany
The book aims to combine a fact- and opinion-based approach by providing a collection of newly written background articles, comparing hypotheses with facts, including eyewitness accounts, and presenting analyses of historical media. The crowdfunding, which still has 21 days to go, has already raised about 7000 Euros of the 22,000 needed. (dr)

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