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AmigaOS 4: Current hardware availability
After ACube Systems recently delivered the last boards to pre-orderers, including shops ( reported), we asked the relevant Amiga shops if they had them on sale:

Alinea Computer offers a Sam460LE complete system for 1299 euros (plus shipping) with the following specifications:
  • Sam460LE board
  • Uboot
  • Cover
  • AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition included (OEM licence)
  • Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G DDR2 memory 2GB quality memory
  • Fractal Design Core 1000 Tower
  • High quality 550 Watt power supply with cable management
  • 4port SATA PCI controller
  • 240GB SanDisk SSD hard drive
  • DVD burner
  • Radeon HD 77xx 2 GB Gfx board
  • Soundblaster Live Audigy FX
As the item can only be ordered against prepayment, there is no direct purchase link in the shop, but must be ordered by enquiry. AmigaOne X5000 are currently not in stock.

For 1269 euro, but in the meantime sold out, Amedia Computer France had the Sam460LE on offer as a complete system. As the maintainers informed us, however, these will be available again during the next week and can thus be ordered:
  • a little Micro ATX slim case,
  • the Sam460LE 1,10GHz motherboard,
  • 1GB memory module,
  • 1x 240GB SSD 2.5 harddisk,
  • 1x Radeon HD5450 2GB graphic's card,
  • 1x Audio PCI Express card,
  • 1x PCI Sata card,
  • the AmigaOS 4.1 software.
As a specialist in assembling computers, other special configurations with many tower, Ram, hard disk, graphics card, sound card and Sata card variants can also be ordered on request. Amedia Computer France also continues to offer the AmigaOne X5000/40, which can be ordered on request. When ordering a complete system, an AmigaOS 4 game and a recovery USB stick are included free of charge.
Amedia Computer France is not only maintaining an online but two physical shops as well which are located in France, in Courcelles-Chaussy, and in Luxembourg, in Differdange, where they also sell AmigaOne X5040 towers.

ACube Systems itself does not offer a complete system, but the pure Sam460LE board for around 963 euros.

As the maintainer of the RELEC shop told us, he is in the process of restructuring his shop. He is currently working on offering new items for the Amiga, among others a new design for the X5000, called "the red D", a desktop case. Sam460 boards are also to be offered. We will report when this will be the case.

The American shop Amiga On The Lake does not currently offer any PPC systems. (dr)

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