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Event: News from the Amiga38 (update)
This weekend the Amiga38 took place. We asked around for news and things worth reporting:

AmigaOS 3.3: Camilla Boemann, who joined the AmigaOS 3 development team 4 years ago, gave a preview of the upcoming version 3.3 in a speech (YouTube video), which among other things should offer an improved and more intelligent handling of ADF files and run noticeably faster. The HDToolbox will also be replaced and partitioning will become much easier: it will no longer be necessary to specify a device or block size.

Enhancer 2.3, Virtio GPU driver: In his talk (YouTube video), Trevor Dickinson described the history of A-EON's hardware developments, announced a new Enhancer version 2.3 for probably before Christmas, and introduced the Virtio GPU driver for Picasso96: a virtual GPU for use with emulators like QEMU and virtual machines (KVMs), developed for A-EON by Hans der Ruiter. Features:
  • Looks like a regular PCI device
  • Passes graphics commands through the host operating systems graphics drivers
  • Provides 32-bit display support
  • High resolution
  • Fast - no need to emulate hardware registers
  • Virtio GPU has 3D and video decoding hardware acceleration - WIP
Virtio GPU driver current status:
  • Fully working framebuffer driver, with 8, 16, and 32-bit modes
  • Hardware accelerated mouse pointer
  • DDC/EDID working, so automatically gets available screen-modes
  • High resolution
  • Fast - no need to emulate hardware registers
  • Virtio GPU has 3D and video decoding hardware acceleration - WIP
  • Version 0.5 has just been released
  • Very usable as-is

Pre-order of A1222 Plus: At Amedia France, part of the "AAA Technology" alliance consisting of Amedia Computer, AmigaKit and A-Eon, one could place pre-orders for an A1222-Plus complete system at the special price of 1600 Euros (incl. VAT, plus PayPal or extra shipping costs), and continue to do so by via e-mail or the corresponding website. The following is a sample offer, which can be modified according to your wishes, e.g. graphics card, tower, etc:
  • Chieftec mATX Tower
  • A1222+ 1.3 Motherboard
  • Kingston 4GB SoDDR3 1600MHz
  • Crucial 240GB SSD harddisk SATA3
  • AFox Radeon RX550 4GB gfc card
There should be an official sales link on the official A1222 Plus website soon.

new products from Alinea Computer: new products were available for purchase at the Alinea Computer stand, which will also be available in the shop this week. More details will be published this week:
  • Wodem - WLAN via the serial interface for every Amiga
  • KickRom-Flash - 4-fold flash-rom adapter with up to 4 kickstarts
  • KickRom-Progger - Flash-Rom programmer for programming the KickRom flash modules directly on the Amiga
And a few prototypes were also shown, which will be released this year:
  • KickRom switch - 4-fold kick-start switch for the KickRom flash
  • KickRom switch as TV port version
  • Joyport Power Adapter - Get 5V power via the joystick port and use it for Wodem, KickRom Progger or other 5 V devices so that a separate power supply unit no longer has to be used.
  • Floppy to 5V/12V switch - To be able to quickly connect e.g. fans via the floppy power cable
native AmigaOS 4 version of Heretic II: At the beginning of the year we reported that Steffen Häuser was working on a native AmigaOS 4 version of Heretic II. The finished version could be marvelled at both at the HunoPPC stand and at Alinea Computer. At the latter, the game was shown on a Sam460ex with Radeon HD 7750 and the new GL drivers. According to Simon Neumann, it ran "absolutely smoothly". On the Sam with a resolution of 1280x1024 with 39 fps, on Steffen Häusers own AmigaOne 1000 at 1024x768 with about 100 fps.

Videos: In addition to the recording of the official live stream, there are also short tours of the fair that visitors have uploaded to YouTube, including Retro Merlin and Propheus. (dr)

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