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AmigaOS 4: AmiUpdate V2.53 (update 2)
AmiUpdate, the update programme for system components and programmes, was first updated to version 2.50 on 04/02/2024 and then, after some problems, to version 2.51. The changes:

AmiUpdate 2.50
  • The http transfer routines did not consider a filename with spaces in it. All filenames are now run through an encoder prior to the HTTP request being sent. This fixes issues like the MUI update failing to download.
  • update.library 53.19: Added more internal vectors.
  • RebootDeamon 2.4:
    • Reworked the source to avoid some duplication of code.
    • Changed the timer.device handling to avoid memory leaks.
    • Removed the pointless cancel button from the countdown requester.
    • If update.library could not be loaded, it tried to open an intuition requester for notification, but intuition had not been opened yet!
AmiUpdate 2.51
  • Some internal changes, but nothing functional (unless I added some bugs, of course).
  • It seems the http request headers did NOT include the version info in the User-Agent field, which the server uses. I could have sworn it was included ages ago!
  • Added better logging in the case of [405] errors.
  • The status bar will now show correctly if no servers are selected.
  • RebootDeamon 2.5: Seems there was a long standing bug which just popped up, which could lead to a crash dealing with the time requests.
Update: (11.02.2024, 14:18, dr)

Meanwhile the author Simon Archer has released version 2.52, which currently cannot be downloaded from the program itself, but from "Downloads" under the title link. Many users had reported problems when they used the program iconified in the background. This now should be fixed. Changes:
  • Unfortunately, trying to keep compatibility with OS 4.0 led to problems with the docky part of application.library, as it always opens V2 of the library interface. As the program is using the old V1 tags, this threw up an error reported by multiple users. As it is highly unlikely anyone is still using 4.0, it should not be a problem a huge problem. My aplologies to any 4.0 users, but now is the time to upgrade!.
  • As the ongoing saga with connections to "" is still ongoing, despite my best efforts to resolve it, I have now added a simple NSLookup to AmiUpdate in order to put rest to this issue once and for all. Accesses to "" and "" are now registered on "my" lookup server and are now redirected to the correct place without any intervention from the great wide internet.
Update 2: (13.02.2024, 22:01, dr)

And once again AmiUpdate has been updated, now to version 2.53. Users had tried to search for updates from within the prefs program, which caused errors. However, the new AmiUpdate V2.53 only updates the update prefs to version 53.17. The final version 53.18 can then be accessed via a separate update of the prefs program. (dr)

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