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Programming language: Amiga C/C++ Visual Studio Code Extension 1.7.7
Bartman', member of the demo group 'Abyss', provides with 'amiga-debug' a 'Visual Studio Code' extension for "compiling, debugging and profiling Amiga C/C++ programs compiled by the bundled gcc 13.1 with the bundled WinUAE/FS-UAE and GDB." (YouTube video). Changes of version 1.7.7:
  • FIX: Resource bitmap colors red & blue swapped
  • FIX: auto-reload .size.amigaprofile, .shrinklerstats if changed on disk
  • CHG: changed shrinkler output name from a.exe.config.shrinkler to a.shrinkler_config.exe so you can use EXE2ADF on the resulting shrinkled file
  • CHG: Makefile: don't strip symbol names (-s) in elf2hunk so Shrinkler can display nicer shrinklerstats
  • FIX: fixed/optimized memclr
  • NEW: ELF disassembly: move cursor with Shift to show accumulated cycle counts
  • FIX: flashing document when Show Source has been disabled in Profiler Assembly view

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