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Archive 12/1999

Aminet [recent]

Aminet uploads until December 14th, 1999
2b_XBase.lha         biz/dbase  198K+Very easy2use flexible and fast database
BAB5_Txt.lha         biz/dbase   45K+Babylon 5 Episode Text / StarBase (115b)
HomeCINEMA.lha       biz/dbase  146K+The coolest German Video Database
OnyxBase.lha         biz/dbase   73K+Great address book manager with lots of 
Zeitplan.lha         comm/bbs    16K+Schedule-Info (Manager) for Prometheus (
CTCPMaster.lha       comm/irc    22K+CTCP-Master, AmIRC Bot-alike script. V1.
DalHelper.lha        comm/irc    35K+Interface to Dalnet Services: (Chan/Memo
NetInfo.lha          comm/irc    29K+(2.3) NetInfo plugin for AmIRC 2+
UnrealIRCD-bin.lha   comm/irc   331K+Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Elite-IRCD
yamexpansion.lha     comm/mail  197K+V2.6 handles recent emails with YAM 2.0 
DragonTools.lha      comm/misc  252K+Setup for SpeedDragon and PowerDragon
dring.lha            comm/misc   89K+Distinctive ring for TrapDoor
ViperTools.lha       comm/misc  219K+Setup for Hagenuk's "Speed Viper"
xemviewdata.lha      comm/misc   14K+External Viewdata emulation library
ICQPager0.1.lha      comm/net    60K+Send ICQ Pagers to ICQ users
nc_update.lha        comm/news  120K+Newsreader Version 1.21 (MUI)
newscoaster.lha      comm/news  267K+Newsreader Version 1.21 (MUI)
aweblastpages.lha    comm/www    48K+Loads Last Visited html pages in AWeb3.3
CheckHTML.lha        comm/www   184K+Checks HTML files
HTTPResume.lha       comm/www   116K+Resume interrupted HTTP downloads
HTTPResume_Cat.lha   comm/www     3K+Catalan localization for HTTPResume v1.8
HTTPResume_Ser.lha   comm/www    23K+Serbian localization for HTTPResume v1.8
MetalWEB4_pre2.lha   comm/www   911K+V4.0pre2 WYSIWYG Html Editor!
OpenBrowser.lha      comm/www     1K+Script for open URLs and starting WebBro
Tidy.lha             comm/www   107K+Tidy your HTML - fixes common HTML error
2000vt.lha           demo/aga   167K+Videotracker Animation for Christmas at 
cg_fates.lha         demo/aga   330K+Cg_Fates (AGA Demo presented at slash pa
crs-p42.lha          demo/aga   278K+Project42 demo by corrosion
PSB-Maja.lha         demo/aga   1.5M+"maja the pszczolka" - wild from satelli
PSB-TvsBritney.lha   demo/aga   3.5M+"mr.t vs britney spears" - wild winner f
wpz-frozen24.lha     demo/aga   602K+Frozen#24 - Fuck Ya Party Edition
wpz-inferno.lha      demo/aga    84K+Intro by Whelpz+Destiny - 1st at Fuck Ya
MWI-Zosia01.lha      demo/mag   389K+"Zosia #01" pack by Madwizards edited by
LNS-SuperDrug.lha    demo/sound  66K+Musicdisk by Loonies (generated samples)
AMCAFExt140Exa.lha   dev/amos   726K+Examples for the AMCAF extension *REUL*
ascii2xxx.lha        dev/c       19K+Shows equivalents for number systems.
nrdargs.lha          dev/c       16K+Shell-/workbench transparent ReadArgs in
PatchWork.lha        dev/debug   35K+Check OS functions to be called correctl
LittelComp.lha       dev/lang    23K+LITTEL Compiler v0.15b
MUI_Includes.lha     dev/mui     34K+Assembler includes for MUI
SmartInfoSrc.lha     dev/mui     30K+Assembler sources of SmartInfo
stefanb_src.lha      dev/src    1.3M+Complete sources from Stefan Becker's Am
fbackng.lha          disk/bakup  87K+FBackNG - Daily backup/mirror/cleanup pr
CDCat-AmiNet34.lha   disk/cdrom 1.9M+CDCat Index Of AmiNet 01-34
PFS3ud.lha           disk/misc  114K+PFS3 undelete 
SFSGui.lha           disk/misc   48K+A GUI For ALL SFS Cli Functions
SmartInfo.lha        disk/misc   23K+SFSQuery and SFSdefragmentGUI replacemen
BAB5_Gde.lha         docs/hyper  47K+Babylon 5 Episode AGuide (115b)
AmZ10-AG.lha         docs/mags  173K+German Online-Magazine for AMIGA. AGuide
cg_hexagone.lha      game/board  11K+Cg_Hexagone (a small Game)
cg_risk.lha          game/board 614K+Cg_Risk (Risk Game)
cg_solit.lha         game/board   5K+Cg_Solit (Solitaire Game)
Bloodnet_Solve.lha   game/hint    3K+Bloodnet walkthrough
SushiCombat.lha      game/patch 1.9M+Quake competition servermod v1.0 beta2
yagac07.lha          game/role  240K+Graphic adventure creator 0.7(Balrog Sof
acd_e.lha            game/think  71K+Crossword Deluxe V1.0 English
acd_nl.lha           game/think  71K+Crossword Deluxe V1.0 Dutch
Robossy.lha          game/think 7.9M+Puzzle game with 30 levels
SameGame.lha         game/think  10K+Addictive puzzle game with colored balls
Anim2gif-gui.lha     gfx/conv   149K+GUI , Converts anims to gifs Various Opt
MetaView.lha         gfx/conv   495K+The best vector(AMF,CGM,CLP,DR2D,DSDR,DX
MPEG2Dec.lha         gfx/conv    66K+MPEG-1/2 Video Decoder For 68000/010 Ami
PfPaint.lha          gfx/edit   923K+Powerful painter (V1.2) for Gfx cards.
PfPaint_ENG.lha      gfx/edit    23K+English documentation for PerfectPaint V
PfPaint_FRA.lha      gfx/edit    26K+French documentation for PerfectPaint V1
PicScale.lha         gfx/edit    67K+Scale Pics in a window
VE-batchpro.lha      gfx/edit     1K+Visual Eng. - Batch Process v1.01
VE-Main.lha          gfx/edit     4K+Visual Eng. - Important information
VE-Tutorial1.lha     gfx/edit    71K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 1
VE-Tutorial2.lha     gfx/edit   107K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 2
VE-Tutorial3.lha     gfx/edit    64K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 3
VE-Tutorial4.lha     gfx/edit    33K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 4
VE-Tutorial5.lha     gfx/edit    68K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 5
VE-Tutorial6.lha     gfx/edit    47K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 6
VE-Tutorial7.lha     gfx/edit   106K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 7
VE-Tutorial8.lha     gfx/edit    98K+Visual Eng. - Tutorial 8
VE-unkregion.lha     gfx/edit     2K+Visual Eng. - Unknown Region v1.02
VE-VAnim.lha         gfx/edit     4K+Visual Eng. - Visual Anim v2.35
VE-VBorderD.lha      gfx/edit   251K+Visual Eng. - Visual Border Demo v1.22
VE-VCard.lha         gfx/edit     4K+Visual Eng. - Visual Card v1.81
VE-VGradient.lha     gfx/edit     3K+Visual Eng. - Visual Gradient v1.29
VE-VLogoD.lha        gfx/edit   146K+Visual Eng. - Visual Logo Demo v1.21
VE-VPuzzleP.lha      gfx/edit    59K+Visual Eng. - Visual Puzzle Preview
VE-VSurface.lha      gfx/edit     3K+Visual Eng. - Visual Surface v1.28
VE-VTexture2.lha     gfx/edit    16K+Visual Eng. - Visual Texture 2 v1.00
IFX-Patcher.lha      gfx/ifx      4K+ImageFX 4.0/4.1-patcher for OS3.5 !!
FileInfo.lha         gfx/misc    15K+An AppWindow who givs you Information ab
MakeSuffix.lha       gfx/misc    17K+Script who makes the Suffixs for Graphic
SvIV-3a.lha          gfx/misc   136K+SViewIV V9.05 (7.12.99) - Part 3a/8
MPEGPlay.lha         gfx/show   186K+MPEG Video Player For 68000/010 Amigas.
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  220K+V1.35b PSX MemoryCard Reader
TechnoIO.lha         hard/hack  306K+Universal digital I/O-System
AmiGenerator.lha     misc/emu   269K+Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for Warp
anescgfx.lha         misc/emu    84K+A/NES CGFX v1.16 - Nintendo emulator
Basic35Manual.lha    misc/emu    40K+Commodore Basic 3.5 manual
DarcNES.lha          misc/emu   224K+NES/SMS/GG/PCE/SG1000 emulator v991127c 
imdbDiff991203.lha   misc/imdb  2.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
SpaTra06.lha         misc/misc   67K+Spanish Translations Pack 06 v0.4
zdrajca.lha          misc/misc   15K+Zdrajca - nice program to simulate crash
TO_Hard_Jingle.lha   mods/hardc 490K+X-Mas Hardcore Track (DBM)
nigdoubt.lha         mods/med   563K+Niggling Doubt - 2 songs from DJTwiglet
rNO-L016.lha         mods/misc  399K+Rno-label release no.16 by Tarmslyng/loo
pie_nightmre.mpg     mods/mpg   4.5M+Hardcore from Dj Pie / Lunatic 99
brm_mod6.lha         mods/pro   642K+Modules by Broom.
DiamondGUI13.lha     mus/play    72K+V1.3 of the most usable GUI for MPEGA
PlayGUI.lha          mus/play   204K+Finally!Modplayer with AmigaAmpSkins!
gressklipperma.lha   pix/anim    83K+Funny animation with sound
the_shower.lha       pix/anim   1.2M+Funny animation with sound
arcadian.jpg         pix/art    278K+Painting by Alvar Andersson
dreamside.jpg        pix/art    162K+Painting by Alvar Andersson
nolife.jpg           pix/art    363K+Painting by Alvar Andersson
Starfield1.jpg       pix/art     24K+Hand drawn starfield
stillife.jpg         pix/art    211K+Painting by Alvar Andersson
MurphyBG-1.jpg       pix/back   223K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Mitsubishi
MurphyBG-2.jpg       pix/back   164K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (2 Galaxy)
MurphyBG-3.jpg       pix/back   255K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Red Dust)
MurphyBG-4.jpg       pix/back   115K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Supernova)
MurphyBG-5.jpg       pix/back   118K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Comet)
MurphyBG-6.jpg       pix/back   118K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Comet)
MurphyBG-7.jpg       pix/back   265K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Galaxy)
MurphyBG-8.jpg       pix/back    52K+Murphy-1 cool BG pic 800x600 (Stardust)
ChristmasBoot.lha    pix/boot   389K+Christmas `99 bootup for Rainboot2
AirbrushMouse1.jpg   pix/misc   339K+AMIGA - airbrush - Mouse
AmigaTheme.lha       pix/misc   252K+Amiga theme for NewInstaller
cora-xmas99.lha      pix/misc   130K+[ancor] a xmas pic with Cora
OutaSpaceTheme.lha   pix/misc   277K+OutaSpace theme for NewInstaller
Windows98Theme.lha   pix/misc   100K+Windows98 theme for NewInstaller
gBa_HEW99.mpg        pix/mpg     19M HomeElectronicWorld99-MPG-by VD-UPLOAD b
AlienNI2.lha         pix/nicon  163K+Cool and Useful Misc NewIcons vol.2!
CamoBG.lha           pix/wb      49K+Camoflage Backgrounds for you WB.
GED_Hexedit.lha      text/edit  119K+Hexedit Environment for GOLDED V1.30
janoeditor.lha       text/edit   22K+TextEditor beta 9 11-nov-99
wordpadv1.4.lha      text/edit  138K+MUI Based TextEditor v1.4
Ital299.lha          text/misc  469K+English to Italian Translator v. 2.99
dz95.exe             util/arc   1.1M .lha unpacker for Windows
xadmaster.lha        util/arc   253K+V3.3 Powerful unarchiving system
cg_menu.lha          util/boot    7K+Cg_Menu (to run softs)
GetMouseInput.lha    util/boot    8K+V1.4 - read mouse button state
JustComm.lha         util/cli     8K+A small utility to justify filenotes
quickcd.lha          util/cli    38K+CLI based audio CD player
VersCheck.lha        util/cli   762K+Check your libs,MUI,devs,dtypes,classes,
sdiREKO-DT.lha       util/dtype   9K+40.8 datatype for .REKO/.RKP cardsets
IdentifyDev.lha      util/libs   76K+Identify hardware and more, OS3.5 (V11.2
IdentifyUsr.lha      util/libs  122K+Identify hardware and more, OS3.5 (V11.2
mpega-WarpUP.lha     util/libs  101K+MPEG Audio decoder library V2.4 (WarpUP,
ppclibemu.lha        util/libs  199K+Ppc.library emulation under WarpOS
AminetStats.lha      util/misc   31K+Gives Detailed Stats on Aminet files
calculator.lha       util/misc   16K+Fully functional calculator
EuraTools.lha        util/misc  233K+FreeWare: Tools for EuraCom V1.11b , Rel
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc   44K+Bug report and Aminet readme generator
SIATP.lha            util/moni  145K+System Information And Test Program (SIA
FakeClose.lha        util/shell  14K+Fake pressing the close-gadget
68040Lib.lha         util/sys   203K+A MuLib aware 68040.library, 68030.libra
FastIEEE.lha         util/sys    91K+Speed up your mathieee libraries!
RAWBInfo.lha         util/sys    20K+ReAction based icon information (1.6)
CClock_Digits.lha    util/time   32K+CyberClock extra digit images
Safe.lha             util/virus  27K+Best new linkviruses detector v12.0
clipper.lha          util/wb     49K+Handy Listview tool to set the Clipboard
DefIcons44.lha       util/wb     31K+DefIcons clone for os3.5 (44.2a)
Dynamite.lha         util/wb     34K+Start button, dynamic icon/thumbnail loa
dynamite.lha         util/wb     33K+Start button, dynamic icon/thumbnail loa
MUISearch11.lha      util/wb     19K+Mutli File Finder with MUI interface
NamnsDag.lha         util/wb     29K+Swedish tool for "Namnsdagar". Annoying 
openwb.lha           util/wb      0K+Arexx script to open WB drawer with file
sgrab.lha            util/wb     47K+Screen grabber with GUI (1.12)
THE.lha              util/wb     94K+Prefseditor for Tools-Menu and Hotkeys
VisualPrefs.lha      util/wb    438K+Configure the look of the Amiga GUI!
(ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Stefan Ossowski by e-mail

Aminet 34 CD-ROM released
This time, a full version of AmiAtlas V4 is shipping with the 850 MB new since Aminet 33. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Alexander Kurtz by e-mail

Alexander Kurtz writes:
Following a wish by Ingo Bowe, greetings to you, I expanded the upload list by a new function. This function allows changing the list sorting, which can now be done by date or directory. Also new is the server choice. By clicking on the country flag you can switch to the uploads of the according mirror server. This function is also available for the search function. For the other directories this is in the works.

In the update of December 10th, I made an embarrasing mistake, which has already been fixed. However, I realized that some 4.x versions of Netscape Navigator do have problems with my target tags. I try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

On this point, I want to mention my forum and my guestbook. Both can be found in the top bar at "Interactive". Tell me what you think of my page, or whatever you have to say about Amiga. I am looking forward to your posts. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas Schaumlöffel by e-mail

Amiga Phoenix homepage
We from Amiga Phoenix are still looking for people wanting to participate. We are a new online Mag, which, without your help, will possibly not "survive". If you want more info, come visit our homepage, or write me an e-mail to: (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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John Haubrich by e-mail

TreeList source code released
John Haubrich, too, has released the source code for almost all his programs. Download:

He writes:
Nearly all of my Amiga source code has been released on my web page including source for the lovely TreeList MUI custom class. If you are planning to update TreeList, I have a few suggestions:
  1. Implement a getter that returns the order of the tree.
  2. Use this value to dynamically allocate stack space for the iterator methods instead of requiring the class user to allocate the buffer manually. (What do you think of THAT, Allan?? Trust me -- he likes it!)
  3. Send a unique code into the iterators so that multiple iterators may still be used. ** The only problem is: who frees the stack buffers? I guess you'll need a FinishUsingIterator method.

Finally, I'm selling my A4000T on EBay (soon) which has all the source and more...
P.S. If 100 people will send me $100,000 each, I'll continue developing for Amiga. ;-) (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Dr. Maurizio Ciccione by e-mail

AudioLabs News
ProStationAudio Version 2.50 will be available for a millenium special price. Further details in the official press release:

From:        AudioLabs
Date:        Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:07:46 +0100
Subject:     News

Press Release

DATE:     14-Dec-99
TOPIC:    NL-editing system for Amiga, Flyer and Draco

AmigaOS goes back to Hollywood!

EMRL ( is handling the production of the first
AudioLabs ( commercial shot on film, focusing
on the ProStationAudio software for AmigaOS.

Stills from the set are online at:

The location was Chapman University audio studio, in Los Angeles.
The 30 second commercial was shot in color using an Arriflex SR16
camera, with Kodak Vision film. The script deals with a studio
recording session, involving a cellist playing in the recording
room, while a sound engineer works on ProStationAudio for AmigaOS
in the control room.

The film footage will be digitally captured for post-prodution
on an Amiga-based NewTek Flyer system. Audio post-production
will be performed with ProStationAudio itself.

EMRL is pioneering hi-quality film-based productions for Internet
distribution. Their film-based commercials are shot with care for
classic aspects of production such as lighting and exposure, and
also take into account Internet related details like video
compression and motion artifacts reduction.

To celebrate the last ProStationAudio release of this millennium,
AudioLabs is offering, until December 27th, 1999, the fresh new
ProStationAudio 2.50 at a special discount price.

When ordering before the deadline, you can get ProStationAudio 2.50
for US$299 instead of US$395.

ProStationAudio 2.50 is the ultimate solution for digital audio on
AmigaOS. It integrates with existing technologies and pushes them
forward: from native Studio16 files support to NewTek Flyer audio
clips import/export, from Draco binary compatibility to AHI-compatible
support for almost every card on the market, from Elite/SoundStage
EDL import to dual-CPU/dual-monitor operating modes.

Starting January, AudioLabs will expand the ProStationAudio family
of products with the hi-end ProStationAudio Millennium. The new
application, among other features, doubles editing power by
supporting 32 audio channels in the timeline.

ProStationAudio 2.50: Technical Specifications

- sampling system:         16bit linear
- sampling rates:          48/44.1/32 KHz
- processing resolution:   from 24bit to 64bit
- audio tracks (disk):     16
- audio tracks (console):  16
- automation tracks:       80: 5 automated controllers x 16 tracks
- DSP channel inserts:     48 stereo: 96 channels processed
- DSP master inserts:      3 stereo (post-fader)
- automated faders:        16
- automated pans:          16
- automated inserts:       48
- faders groups:           8
- time metrics:            24, 25, 29.97, 30, 75, 100 FPS
- time resolution (audio): 1/100th frame
- time resolution (automation):  1/10th second
- objects per track:       unlimited
- audio regions:           unlimited
- audio sub-region levels: unlimited
- maximum editing size:    120 minutes
- locator markers:         10
- range store/recall slots:10
- display snapshot slots:  10
- display resolution:      up to 1600 x 1280 per monitor
- video monitors:          1 or 2 (4.000.000 pixel GUI)
- CPUs supported:          1 (680x0) or 2 (680x0 + PowerPC60x)
- CPU models:              68040, 68060, PowerPC 603, PowerPC 604
- Realime effects:         ALPS, software plugins system
- EQ (parametric, 1 band):  [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Q] [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (parametric, 2 bands): [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Q]  [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (shelf, 2 bands):      [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Slope] [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (band / notch):        [2.5Hz : 20000Hz]
                          [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (lowpass / hipass):    [2.5Hz : 20000Hz]
                          [1/12th octave steps]
- Audio import:           MPEG Layer1/2/3, AIFF, WAVE, CDDA Intel and
                          Motorola, FlyerClips, Studio16, MAUD, Maestro,
                          SoundDesignerI, IFF, Sun/Next, Voc
- Audio export:           AIFF, WAVE, CDDA Intel and Motorola,
                          FlyerClips, Studio16,MAUD,
                          Maestro,IFF,Sun/Next, Voc

ProStationAudio 2.50: New Features.

- PSA-AHI transdriver.
                    2.50 supports two families of audio drivers for
                    maximizing compatibility and flexibility. Beside
                    the orginal AudioLabs drivers you can now use any
                    AHI driver for realtime operations.

- Batch Import.
                    Select a directory and let ProStationAudio import
                    all the audio files, unattended. Great for handling
                    large MP3 collections or building effects libraries
                    on removable media for audio/video production.

- Tone generation.
                    Generate pure tones in the 5Hz:24000Hz range. 64bit
                    accuracy. Applications: test signals, striping of
                    masters with sync tones.

- Sweep generation.
                    Generate tones that sweep continuously from/to any
                    frequency in the 5Hz:24000Hz range. 64bit accuracy.
                    Applications: testing of listening rooms and devices'
                    frequency response, special effects.

- DTFM generation.
                    Generate DTFM (phone dialing) tones. Phone number
                    requester with full control on pause, tone and break

- EDL import.
                    ProStationAudio now can import Edit Lists. Create a
                    script with a text editor and let ProStationAudio
                    build the whole project for you, automatically. New
                    ProStationAudio edit list format.

- EDL plugins.
                    EDL plugins allow to import EDLs from other systems.
                    ProStationAudio comes standard with plugins for the
                    Producer EDLs (Elite/SoundStage) and the Studio16
                    EDLs (AD516/AD1012).

- EDL overlay.
                    Import multiple EDLs to merge different multitrack

- Nudging.
                    Nudging with variable step (numerical entry, range
                    size or object size). Move audio objects accuratly
                    using keyboard shortcuts.

- Extended MP3 support.
                    Extended MP3 support including now Wave mpegs and
                    a gain requester for the decoder.

ProStationAudio (tm), ALPS (tm) and AutoMotion (tm) are trademarks of
AudioLabs (
(ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Turboprint 7.09beta3 released
New in Beta3: 1440dpi printing bug with BJC6000 fixed. Download: tp709beta3.lha (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Kai Weber in ANF

Stefan Becker releases his Amiga program's sources
Stefan Becker, author of ToolManager, UMSRfc etc., released all his Amiga source codes in Aminet. Download: dev/src/stefanb_src.lha (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Marcus Klemm in ANF

New PPCLibEmu in Aminet
In Aminet, there is a new version of the ppc.library for WarpOS at /util/libs/ppclibemu.lha. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Third beta version AHI-PPC
In this version, Martin Blom has rewritten the PPC handling and added a 16bit DSP echo. Moreover, HIFI mixing subroutines have been implemented in m68k Assembler. Download: ahipre3.lha. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Thorsten Willert by e-mail

Problems with ImageFX 4.0
There is a problem with the latest versions of ImageFX 4.0 and 4.1 under AmigaOS 3.5. Cycle gadgets are not displayed! Obviously ImageFX cannot handle the chooser.gadget version of 3.5. Haage & Partner and Nova Design have already been notified by me.

I have created a little patch in the meantime, patching ImageFX to make use of the chooser.gadget from the Aminet ClassAct demo, so the program is at least usable.

The patch should appear in Aminet soon: gfx/ifx/IFX-patcher.lha.
The patch and more information about it is available from my homepage (title link) under ARexx-Scripts.

And one hint for ImageFX 4.0 CD: The installation cannot be started from CD, since the Installer icon and the script have different names. So copy everything to hard drive (about 8 MB), and then start installation. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Olaf Köbnik by e-mail

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena CD-ROM survey to all PD/Shareware programmers!
Since over a year now, the Amiga Arena homepage makes limited special prices and freely downloadable full versions available for Amiga users!

Due to ever changing specials and a collection of continuously updated links to Amiga programs / products, Amiga Arena offers a big choice of informations from the active Amiga world to the user.

The Amiga Arena CD-ROM is scheduled for release in spring 2000!

The CD-ROM will contain the Amiga Arena homepage with it's links, demo versions, shareware and PD software! It will give an overview about the still active developments to the (German) user.

I want this CD-ROM to be different from the usual shareware CD-ROMs, offering a comprehensive, informative and up-to-date overview about Amiga programs / products. To achieve this, I need your help! Please request further information from Thank you for your attention! (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Benjamin Dauhrer in ANF

PowerOS homepage now also available in English
Starting today, the English version of the PowerOS homepage is online. For more information about PowerOS follow the title link. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Sven Kahlbrock in ANF

Free web design for Amiga users
Sven Kahlbrock writes:
Free :-) You have a private homepage somehow concerning Amiga? I will create a design for you for free, according to your wishes. You'll only have to write your pages and bring them online. If you'd encounter troubles or just have questions, I will happily help you - all for free. Only a link telling that the design was made by me, that would be nice, but is not required. For more informations or questions please write me an e-mail. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Felix Schwarz in ANF

New ANet 1200 homepage
For the successful PCMCIA ethernet card ANet 1200, pictures and technical specifications are available starting today. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Alex Kazik in ANF

Wipeout2097 HighScore
At the title link there is a HighScore list for Wipeout2097. Everyone can enter his best times.

Oh, and the Wipeout2097 Demo (3.8 MB) is now available for download from AmigaExtreme: Wipeout2097_Demo.lha. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas Etzrodt in ANF

New Amiga CD32 game
Andreas Etzrodt writes:
Hello CD32 owners! Aren't you upset that there aren't even "simple" new games for your system? There you are owning an "Amiga compatible" console and cannot access all games... Solution: home made!

We (Christian Steiner and myself) succeeded in burning the Shareware game "Sharks!" (coded by Christian, demo on Aminet) to CD and make it run on an Amiga CD32.

This is owed to Michael Ulbrich, who gave me many hints. Due to his help, it worked on first try. Many thanks to Michael!

Why I am writing this? I would like to know if there is interest in expanding this game as CD32 version. I mean if noone would want the game, it isn't worth the time to "pep it up". And there are license issues to clarify. You need a "Trademark File", which had to be licensed from Amiga (at least in Commodore times). I will write to Amiga Int. if this is still necessary, and how much it would cost.

So write me if you are interested in a CD32 version of Sharks!. Besides, Sharks! does not have to be our last game for CD32. We can of course release other (self written) games in CD versions. But as I said before, clarify the license issues and judge interest in this. (You can already contact me anyhow.) E-mail: (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Markus Schmidt in ANF

ICQ user list
Markus Schmidt writes:
I am planning to post an ICQ user list, including online status and system used, to my homepage.

Therefore my call to all ICQ users:
If you are interested in being listed there, please write me a mail with "Your Name, Nick, ICQ-UIN, City, System (Amiga, PC, Mac, ...)" and a short note if you want the status to be shown or not.
Regarding the online status, please remember this can be disabled in your ICQ program. So it's up to you if and when the status is shown. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Nils Görs in ANF

ToolsMenu and Hotkey Editor
Nils Görs writes:
Version 1.1 is finished now and should be available for download from the following URLs within the next days: Title link, and

I also uploaded T.H.E. to the Paderborn Aminet server, it should be available there at util/wb/THE.lha. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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StrICQ beta version 0.1637 released
Download: STRICQ.lha (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Fun Time World

Perfect Paint version 1.2 released
With version 1.2, a beta version supporting 24bit pictures is shipped. Version 1.2 can only load 256 color pictures. Download: PfPaint.lha (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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AWD [News]

National Amiga announces MK/2 keyboard adapter for A2000 / A3000
With the new adapter you can connect standard keyboards and mice to your Amiga 2000 and 3000. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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AntiGravity BoXeR Survey and Discount Offer announces it's BoXeR survey. Planning for the first production runs of the new Amiga is underway and Anti Gravity Products needs to know which models will be needed the most as the production begins.

Anti Gravity Products offers each household involved in the survey $50 off one BoXeR system purchased between now and 90 days after shipping commences.

For those that have not already done so, check out the BoXeR Specs for the latest specifications. These specs are the latest we have in writing and come directly from the designer himself.

Remember, you can still build your own BoXeR with a few clicks of the mouse at our Build-A-BoXeR page featuring instant update techonolgy. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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AmiGenerator update version 1.10 (PPC only)
Download: AmiGenerator110.lha (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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New PlugIns by Stian Strøm
"Waves Of The Future" has been improved, "Dude Rock" and "Trance Tunel" are new. Download from the PlugIn page. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Haage & Partner

AmigaOS Developer Network and support for ImageFX
AmigaOS Developer Network has been created as a service to supply a group of developers with the latest informations about AmigaOS. To our regret, the number of members is limited. You can apply here.

E-mail support for ImageFX is now the responsibility of Gunnar Gertzen, long-standing ImageFX user. He is already working on a German localization and manual, too. More details on this to follow shortly. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas Falkenhahn by e-mail

New NewInstaller v1.4 themes
Three new themes for NewInstaller have just been published on the Airsoft Software homepage: Amiga Theme, Outa Space Theme and Windows98 Theme. Amiga Theme is a theme in Amiga look, with Boing ball etc.. Outa Space theme is meant for all space freaks since it contains some "spacy" graphics and sounds. And the Windows98 theme gives installations with NewInstaller look like Windows installations. All themes are available for download from the Airsoft Software homepage. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Paul Nolan Ltd.

Paul Nolan Ltd celebrates 5th anniversary of Photogenics
Photogenics 1.0 was launched five years ago today at the World of Amiga show in London. To celebrate, Paul Nolan is offering the full version of Photogenics 4.x at a 25% discount. This brings the price down from $99.99 to $75, or just $65 if upgrading from a previous version of Photogenics. The special offer will run from the 10th through to the 17th of December, and is only available direct from Paul Nolan Ltd, either online at, or the StarByte order hotline on 1 800 243 1515, extension 400. Callers outside of North America should prefix this with their international dialling code for the US (for example dial 00 1 800 243 1515 from the UK). (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Marko Seppänen by e-mail

New Image Engineer PlugIn
Visual Border grows and splits as 2 separate plug-ins.
Visual Alpha is that new plug-in. It allows you to create grey alpha masks, which you, after once calculated, can keep and composite with other images later. For people, who are not familiar with alpha masks; Think about a stamp or actually it's edges. This plug-in can create you a stamp shaped image and mask with smooth edges. You can then composite it to a bigger image. Ofcourse there are other more complex effects, than simple edge effects. This could be great tool for one, who is creating graphics for video.
Visual Card-plug-in also will soon benefit from Visual Alpha.

Register Visual Border for Image Engineer and get Visual Alpha for free. This could be very good christmas present for somebody. However last day to order is 9. January 2000. So, if you next morning after change of millennium, find couple of wrinkled bucks from you pocket...
Remember that all minor and major updates of registered plug-ins will always be free for you. Already registered users of Visual Border will get version of Visual Alpha with few effects for free. Just for being good customers.
Visual Engineering is a powerful collection of plug-ins, scripts and graphical material for shareware image manipulation program, Image Engineer.
Plug-ins bring new features to Image Engineer, what even by itself can do lots of image manipulation tricks. All the plug-ins are controlled by user friendly GUI. With couple of mouse clicks, you can do heavy image manipulation. Logos? Click. Frames around image? Click. Most of the plug-ins are free. Some of them aren't. I'm sure the few graphical examples at new website of Visual Engineering should convince you. You can however try demoversions of non-free plug-ins. Online shopping is possible by a credit card.

Visual Engineering website
Image Engineer website
Marko Seppänen (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas R. Kleinert by e-mail

"Elite" source code released
The authors of the classic space trading and combat simulation "Elite" have released the source code for the game on it's 15th anniversary. Full press release at the title link. (ps) (Translation: (unk)

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