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Archive 08/2009


Youtube: Parts from "The Deathbed Vigil"
A part of Dave "hazydave" Haynie's video "The Deathbed Vigil", in which the hardware designer reported his last working day at Commodore, was published at Youtube some some days ago. The full video e.g. part of the Amiga Forever Premium Edition. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Edgar Schwan (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Game package for AmiCygnix available
A game package for AmiCygnix with in all 22 games is now available in OS4-depot. Most of the them are board and card games but some action games are included as well:
  • The ace of Penguins: A collection of simple solitaire games
  • BomberClone (Bomberman-clone with network support, screenshot)
  • GLightOff
  • gSoko (Sokoban)
  • gTans (Tangram-game)
  • GtkAtlantic (like Monopoly - with network support, screenshot)
  • Sudoku-Savant
  • XaoS (Fractal-Explorer)
  • XEmeraldia (Tetris-version)
  • XGalaga (Shoot'em up)
  • XLightOff
  • XMahjongg (screenshot)
  • xtris (Multiplayer-Tetris with network support)
Except the games included in "The ace of Penguins" (screenshot) all other games can be also installed seperately.

Download: amicygnix-games.lha (48 MB) (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AROS: Icaros Desktop 1.1.3 / Live-DVD (Update)
For the AROS-distribution Icaros Desktop there is now available an official update which includes the USB-stack Poseidon ( reported). This should work with about 80 percent of all PC-systems with USB-1.1- or -2.0-controllers.

Please note that most of the mouses, keyboards as well as USB-sticks and memory cards with FAT- or SFS-file systems can be used but some of the devices cannot because of missing libraries and system components in AROS.

Update: (16:53, 02.08.09, snx)
Since today there is a Live-DVD of the AROS-distribution available. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Software-News: Arduino_bwBasic, OpenSSH 5.2p1, Jupiter Lander 1.1, AmigaAMP 2.22

Arduino_bwBasic 1.00.00

Arduino_bwBasic is a program for the Bywater-BASIC-Interpreter with which you can control the Arduino-board from a real or emulated Amiga.

Download: Arduino_bwBASIC.lha (5 KB)

AmigaOS 4: OpenSSH 5.2p1

OpenSSH is a free version of the SSH-protocol-suite which encodes data with passwords in the Internet. The update of the AmigaOS-4-port fixes some bugs.

Download: openssh-bin.lha (1 MB)

AmigaOS 4/MorphOS: Jupiter Lander 1.1

Jupiter Lander is a port of the C64 game written in Hollywood. In version 1.1 now AmigaOS 4 as well as MorphOS are supported.

Download: Jupiter_Lander.lha (2 MB)

AmigaAMP 2.22

Thomas Wenzel's audio play program AmigaAMP has got some further ARexx-commands in version 2.22.

Download: AmigaAMP.lha (409 KB) (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

APC&TCP: Exodus updates and patches online
Press release Today we released on the APC&TCP support website all released and unreleased updates for the game "Exodus: The last War". With this package, the CDDA problem will be fixed as well. Exodus is available exclusively at APC&TCP. (snx)

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