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Archive 04/2021

Blog (ANF)

Wolfram Alpha search engine: AskYourAmiga 0.6 (update)
AskYourAmiga or AYA is a program for accessing the Wolfram Alpha answer engine (Wikipedia). It doesn't provide links to web pages, but answers to search queries directly - which can be processed graphically (e.g. as a curve).

Version 0.5 offers so-called "assumptions" - it is now possible to separate identical search terms. For example, a search for "Berlin" will distinguish between the cities with this name, the band name and the first name or family name.

Update: (20:05, 17.04.21, dr)
Marcus Sackrow has released version 0.6 which fixes a little bug, especially on AROS, that images prevent from loading properly. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Forum64 (Website)

Video: World of Commodore 1992 Demo-Competition, Frankfurt
Shortly before the "World of Commodore 1992" in Frankfurt, the German branch of Commodore had called for a demo contest. The four best entries received prizes like various Amiga computers, the main prize was actually a new car. The jury of the competition consisted of Jeff Porter, Dave Haynie (both from Commodore's hardware development department), the graphic designer James D. Sachs ( Defender of the Crown, CDTV among others) and Rainer Benda from Commodore Germany.

A video on Youtube shows the award ceremony and a demonstration of the two best placed demos World of Commodore (video) by Sanity and the winning demo Wicked Sensation (video) by TRSI. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Preview video: Port of 'Shadow Warrior' in progress
Shadow Warrior is a first person shooter from 1997 that uses the (slightly improved) Duke Nukem 3D engine. Szilárd 'BSzili' Biró is currently working on an Amiga port of the 2005 released game (video). The targeted minimum configuration is AGA/RTG, a 68040 CPU and 16 MB of Fast-RAM. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Flappy-Bird-Clone: 'Flighty Fox' shows Parallax-Scrolling with Scorpion Engine
'Flighty Fox' (video) is a clone of Flappy Bird developed with the Scorpion engine and demonstrates parallax scrolling. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood 9.0 Addons released, APK compiler update (Update)
Press Release: Airsoft Softwair is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a number of addons for Hollywood 9.0. The following addons are now available for free download on the official Hollywood portal:
  • Hollywood Player 9.0 for all supported platforms (also available for your smartphone/tablet on Google Play)
  • Hollywood SDK 9.0 for developing your own plugins (includes examples and over 400 pages of documentation in various formats)
  • Hollywood 9.0 addon for Cubic IDE (developed by Michael Jurisch)
  • Hollywood 9.0 Wordfile for UltraEdit
  • Hollywood 9.0 online reference manual (over 1100 PDF pages, alternatively available as HTML, CHM and AmigaGuide)
  • Hollywood SDK 9.0 online reference manual (over 400 PDF pages, alternatively also available as HTML, CHM and AmigaGuide)
With the release of these components, the Hollywood 9.0 release is now complete. Please visit the official Hollywood portal for more information and download options. Also, version 3.4 is now available for the Hollywood APK Compiler, which fixes a major bug.

Update: (22:39, 15.04.21, snx)
Meanwhile, version 3.5 of the Hollywood APK Compiler is available. Furthermore, Vim plugin has been updated, supporting Hollywood 9.0 as well now. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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