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Archive 04/2021


Amiga poster and disk label to print
Vasilis Psomiadis provides numerous high-resolution posters on his website for downloading and printing. Some are plagiarisms of actually existing Commodore advertising posters, while others are freely invented motifs that advertise various Amiga models. Posters with motifs from Amiga games or various disk labels are also offered. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Amiga Impact (Website)

Programming language: AMOS Professional Unity Alpha 2, SpecialFX-Plugin
'AMOS Professional Unity' is Frédéric 'AmiDARK' Cordier's second attempt to improve the classic BASIC compiler AMOS Professional and retrofit AGA support. The second alpha release includes the following new features:
  • AGA Sprites with 16,32 and 64 pixels width
  • AGA Sprites combination (like original Amos Professional but with AGA capabilities)
  • Sprite color palette selection
  • New system ScreenFX to create Stunning visual effects in Amos Professional Unity screens
  • Simple Rainbox FX developed using the ScreenFX
A list of the new or extended commands can be found on the official website, AMOS Unity Alpha 2 can be downloaded from Github.

Cordier also provides SpecialFX, the first version of a library that implements visual effects and already takes advantage of AMOS Unit's new AGA-compatible features. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Search engine and proxy: FrogFind! makes the web more IBrowse-compatible
The programmer of 'FrogFind!' regularly plays around with his old 68k-based Macs, which don't have up-to-date browsers or the hardware power needed for the modern web. To mitigate this problem, he has developed a portal that displays search results (from DuckDuckGo) and generates a highly simplified version of the desired page when a search result is clicked.

To achieve this, FrogFind! uses a PHP port of Firefox's "reading mode," which automatically removes elements such as menus, headers or footers and displays only the actual content of a web page. FrogFind! then simplifies the result of this operation again and delivers a page in HTML2 standard, where originally embedded graphics are now linked at the end of the document. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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Amigaworld (Website)

AmigaOS 4: New game ports: Worlds, Eldritch, Gorynlich, new GL4ES SDK
Roman 'kas1e' Kargin has ported more games to AmigaOS 4 using the OpenGL wrapper GL4ES. New are the 3D shooter 'Worlds' (video), the rogue-like 'Eldritch' (video) and the hack'n slash 'Gorynlich' (video). A new version of the GL4ES SDK was also released and Kargin's older ports 'Fricking Shark', 'Night of the Zombies' and 'SuperTuxKart' were updated.

The mentioned titles all require the latest version of Warp 3D Nova, OpenGL ES and GL4ES, which are part of the commercial Enhancer 2 package. A detailed announcement with more information and screenshots can be found at (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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MorphOS-Storage (Webseite)

MorphOS: Web-Browser Wayfarer 1.14 (Update)
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczeks has updated his web browser Wayfarer. Changes at a glance:
  • HLS support can now be disabled in settings
  • fixed a "backspace" bug in the cURL code
  • Fixed a bug in media playback initialization
  • Minor playback improvements
  • disabled media playback support for all CPUs except G4 and G5
Requires MorphOS 3.14 and 1 GB RAM. A processor with at least 1.5 GHz is recommended. For feedback to the author, e-mails to wayfarer at or the corresponding MorphZone discussion on the topic can be used in addition to the integrated crash detector. (dr) (Translation: (bb)

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Turn-based space strategy: Imperium Terranum 2.813
The source code of the turn-based space strategy game Imperium Terranum 2 has been ported from Pascal to C and adapted to graphics cards. In versions 2.812 and 2.813 some minor bugs have been fixed:
  • Bugfix for Crash/Guru at "Fleet goes into orbit of a planet".
  • KILLFLEET function newly implemented
  • Minor bugfixes
(cg) (Translation: (bb)

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