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17.Sep.2021 (Webseite)

Dealer: AmiGang Store offers Raspberry Pi 4B with AmigaOS 3.2
Yannick 'Papiosaur' Buchy, known by the MorphOS distribution Chrysalis as well as the Aminet alternatives MorphOS-Storage and Amiga-Storage, does now also offer a webshop called AmiGang Store at the title link.

Primarily sold is the mini computer Raspberry 4, model B - depending on the variant chosen also with AmigaOS 3.2 pre-installed (other configurations are possible on request). Promised is the emulation of an Amiga with Motorola 68040 CPU, 1 GB Fast-RAM, a resolution of up to 1920 x 1024 pixels at 16 bit and a network transfer rate of 1 GBit/s. (snx)

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Andreas Winkler (ANF)

Webstore for different Amiga adapters
Andreas Winkler has established a little webstore for different Amiga adapters. He wrote:

"I recently set up a small webshop for my various Amiga products, which can be reached under the domain This step results from the increasingly complicated business and selling conditions on, where my adapters are relatively popular. The webshop allows for a more straightforward and better focused selling environment.

Items for sale include my popular adapters for the Amiga 500's expansion port, flexible CPU relocators, and various floppy drive adapters.

Shipping is possible worldwide. However, there are currently some restrictions due to the international shipping situation. As soon as changes in shipping options are made by Taiwan Post, I will adjust this in the webshop." (dr)

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ACube Systems: New online shop / Sam460cr boards still not available
Press release, 29. July 2021:

"ACube Systems it’s pleased to announce the opening of its new online store.
In the new store customers will find the current lineup of ACube hardware ranging from barebones motherboards to accessories. Everything you’ll need to enjoy your AmigaOS / MorphOS experience with the usual quality and reliability you expect from several years of experience.

Please note:
 Registered users of the old shop have been automatically imported, but we highly recommend all users to check their accounts, especially the shipping address, and correct any errors they should see."

The new batch of Sam460cr boards, announced at the end of March, still are not available.
But at least all three motherboards listed in the section Sam motherboards have price labels: All price quotations are inclusive AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. As far as there are new information regarding the availability of the boards, we of course will inform our readers. (dr)

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