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Vampire 1200 also available in RELEC shop
The Swiss trader RELEC has announced that the first batch of Vampire-1200 accelerator boards will be delivered to purchasers around the turn of the year. The first purchasers should have been informed to confirm their orders. RELEC will offer V1200 and V500(+) boards as well as V600 (soon). (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

HDMI converter: D520 available again
Thorsten Schubert's HDMI converter D520 is available again. A third batch of the converter which is connected to the video port was completed. The website of the project was updated as well. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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amigaworld (website)

Hyperion withdraws opposition against registration of US trademark 'Amiga'
In January 2017, Cloanto filed for registration of the 'Amiga' trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - right after the previous owner Amiga, Inc. let its own registration expire. Hyperion opposed that registration and filed for several other Amiga-related trademarks ("AmigaOS", "AmigaOne", Boingball) itself, encountering a few administrative issues initially.

The trademark disputes grinded to a halt shortly after that, mostly caused by the lawsuits that had been filed by Hyperion on one side and Cloanto as well as the 'Amiga parties' on the other side. But in the last few days, new filings have been submitted: Hyperion's lawyer is informing the USPTO that his client is withdrawing its opposition against Cloanto's registration of the 'Amiga' mark. Hyperion's attempt to register the BoingBall logo has been abandoned this week as well.

Note from staff: Since the USPTO is already pointing out a "likelihood of confusion" of the other marks Hyperion applied for (AmigaOne, AmigaOS) with Cloanto's 'Amiga' mark, we assume that these attempted registrations will be denied once Cloanto's mark is registered. We currently have no information about the reasons behind Hyperion's change of strategy. (cg)

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