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Crowdfunding: Book "Demoscene The AGA years"
Following the successful crowdfunding of the first volume of the history of the demoscene, which can be still acquired, now the international crowdfunding website 'Indiegogo' has started the new campaign for the second volume, covering the years 1994 to 1996. So far almost 15.000 of 18.000 Euro has been donated. (dr)

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Aminet: New Version of AmigaOS 3.2 FAQ
Today the new version 47.2 of the AmigaOS 3.2 FAQ was published on Aminet. Among other things the following points were added:
  • 1.5: The Vampire V4 is able to boot AmigaOS 3.2, but this requires a special procedure from the user. More information on the support page of the Vampire
  • 4.15: Graphical errors in the palette's settings editor and help subsystem are most likely due to the Indivision AGA MK3 scandoubler. Only a new firmware could solve this.
  • 4.16: If no drives are connected or none are detected when booting the Amiga, the process stops with a black screen. Either connect a drive or floppy drive or switch to the Early Startup Control menu by holding down both mouse buttons.
  • 12.11: When asked if the current Kickstart ROM can also be used to boot older AmigaOS versions, it is pointed out that the system partition must absolutely contain the workbench.library and the icon.library to be extracted from the 'AmigaOS 3.2 Install3.2.adf' image. Further support is not provided here.
(dr) (Translation: (bb)

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Detailed Review (Czech): Graphic cards for Sam440ep-flex
On the Czech Amiga portal, the user 'sailor' has published a detailed review about graphic cards for Sam440ep-flex, here as English-language translation. Of course the texts of the graphics cannot be translated, so these are important words to know:
  • neni treba = not necessary
  • ne = no
  • ani = still
  • ano = yea
Finally she has given some conclusions depending on for what you are using your Sam440ep-flex most: For current applications for example she recommends the Radeon HD 7750. In any case she advises to have 128 MB VRAM graphic memory. (dr) (Translation: (dr)

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